Horticultural Divisions of Narcissus according to the Royal Horticultural Society


Division Description

1. Trumpet corona greater than or equal to the tepal length

2. Large cup corona greater than 1/3 the tepal length

3. Small cup corona less than 1/3 the tepal length

4. Double tepals and corona doubled and clustered

5. Triandrus Characteristics of Narcissus triandrus clearly evident

6. Cyclamineus Charcateristics of N. cyclamineus clearly evident

7. Jonquilla Charcateristics of N. jonquilla clearly evident

8. Tazetta Characteristics of N. tazetta clearly evident

9. Poeticus Characteristics of N. poeticus clearly evident

10. Bulbocodium Daffodil cultivars Characteristics of N. bulbocodium clearly evident

11. Split corona Corona split at least 1/3 of its length

12. Other Daffodil Cultivars Daffodil cultivars wich do not fit in the definition of any other division

13. Botanical name Daffodils distinguished solely by botanical name

Bron: The International Daffodil Register and Classified List 1998